The namesake island of Mu Ko Phetra Marine Park draws few travelers despite jaw-dropping natural beauty in the lower Thai Andaman Sea. (Island Nerd #9)
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Some of the areas between Ban Phe and Rayong town show how an extra day for the mainland might be a good idea after visiting Ko Samet. (Island Daze #25)
Accessible by motorbike or an exhausting bike ride, the far southern beaches of Ko Samet usher in a soothing vibe to contrast the bustling north. (Isla…
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One of the finest of several beaches hidden amid forested coastal hills on Navy-owned land near Pattaya is Hat Sai Kaew. (Island Daze #23)
In many ways, Thailand's simultaneous efforts to ease the Covid-19 health crisis and reopen international tourism exist in a state of friction. (Island…
This scenic, low-key subdistrict in Chonburi province left us rethinking some of our opinions about the Pattaya area. (Island Daze #22)
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